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Placing Juveniles on Sex Offender Registries is Counterproductive

Requiring juveniles to register as sex offenders can hinder rehabilitation efforts and have significant, long-term negative consequences for young perpetrators who are statistically unlikely to re-offend, according to a report released by the Illinois Juvenile Justice ... Read More

"Too Many Kids Are Doing Time for What’s Not a Crime"

The Galveston County Daily News
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Assessing the Over-Incarceration of “Status Offenders”

Minor juvenile misbehaviors, such as truancy and curfew violations, may lead to a youth being placed in a secure facility, surrounded by more serious offenders, and kept from their schoolwork, according to a MacArthur-supported report from ... Read More
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Grantmaking in Chicago

The Foundation seeks and seizes opportunities to work locally as an expression of its civic commitment to its home, and because being rooted in Chicago yields a deeper understanding of issues faced by urban areas and ... Read More

"Youth Crime Not an Issue for Politics"

The Buffalo News
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