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The Young and the Reckless

The New York Times
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Little Kid, Life Sentence

Philadelphia City Paper
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Sending Children to Prison for Life

Los Angeles Times
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Schools Target Child Welfare

The Advocate (Baton Rouge)
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Resource Day Targets At-Risk Youth

Bucks County Courier Times
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Roe to join task force

Ogle County News
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12 and in Prison

New York Times
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"Little Kid, Life Sentence"

From the Philadelphia City Paper
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Portrait of Julia M. Stasch

Julia M. Stasch

Interim President
Portrait of Laurie R. Garduque

Laurie R. Garduque

Director, Justice Reform
Portrait of Patrick Griffin

Patrick Griffin

Program Officer
Portrait of Soledad McGrath

Soledad McGrath

Program Officer
Portrait of Mary McClanahan

Mary McClanahan

Executive Secretary
Portrait of Stephen R. Stinson

Stephen R. Stinson

Program Administrator