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"Tragedy Leads to Study of Severe Child Neglect"

From Scientific American
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"Kids Are Not Adults"

From State Legislatures
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Thumbnail for Examining the Cost of a Youthful Mistake

Examining the Cost of a Youthful Mistake

"Mistakes Kids Make" is a storytelling project that advocates for juvenile justice reform that veers toward rehabilitation for young offenders and away from a punitive, unforgiving, and outdated system. Read More

“Models for Change”

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Lessons Learned in Juvenile Justice Reform

A series of research briefs aggregates key learnings emerging from MacArthur’s multi-state juvenile justice initiative. Read More
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National Juvenile Defense Standards Published

The National Juvenile Defender Center has published the National Juvenile Defense Standards, which provide a comprehensive summary of the role and complex duties of the juvenile defender in the 21st century juvenile court system. Read More

"U.S. Detains Fewer Juveniles"

From The Commercial Appeal
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Children and Family Justice Center at Northwestern University

Making the justice system fair for children and families For 20 years, the Center has fought for and stood with children in conflict with the law. With a dual focus on zealous individual advocacy and systemic ... Read More
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NRC Report on Juvenile Justice Cites MacArthur

A new two-year independent study by the National Research Council takes stock of the growing body of knowledge regarding adolescent development. Read More

"The Promise of Juvenile Court"

From the Chicago Sun-Times
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"Can Teen Brain Development Help Explain Juvenile Crime?"

From Minnesota Public Radio
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