Supporting more balanced, forward-looking housing policies that acknowledge the importance of affordable rental housing and the role that various attributes of housing may play in promoting strong, resilient families and vibrant communities. Read our strategy


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2014 How Housing Matters Conference

This free day-long event will explore how having stable, secure, and affordable housing affects child development and education, physical and mental health, and long-term economic success. Read More

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Multifamily Properties Can Now Get ENERGY STAR Score thumbnail

Multifamily Properties Can Now Get ENERGY STAR Score

Owners of multifamily properties can now obtain an ENERGY STAR score for their buildings by supplying relevant information to the government-backed program. Read More

MacArthur Interim President Julia Stasch and Sen. Mitchell talked #BPCHousing recommendations: http://t.co/Ub4l9v02en http://t.co/Ob76jpuaUu

Rebecca Naser of @HartSurveys at #BPChousing: More than half of all Americans have had to make at least one trade-off to afford housing.

Chicago Announces Results of Energy Efficiency Competition thumbnail

Chicago Announces Results of Energy Efficiency Competition

A six-month energy efficiency competition that engaged residents of Chicago's Humboldt Park and Logan Square neighborhoods resulted in an average 20 percent reduction in electric, gas, and water use, the city announced. Read More
Report Examines Resilience of Multifamily Housing thumbnail

Report Examines Resilience of Multifamily Housing

The challenges of retrofitting New York City’s multifamily housing stock against future climate threats, including the potential effect on the city’s limited stock of affordable housing, are examined in a report by the New ... Read More

Should #housing policy support renters more? http://t.co/VGBos5ljDC via @roomfordebate @nytimes

  • The Preservation Compact: A Rental Housing Action Plan for Cook County

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  • Three Case Studies for How Housing Matters



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