What We’re Exploring: Cities, Information, and Governance

MacArthur is exploring new ways of understanding and addressing the complex and interconnected challenges faced by cities around the world, from violence to climate change, and how to plan, manage, and govern to address them.

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Foundations Partner to Build a Stronger Digital Society thumbnail

Foundations Partner to Build a Stronger Digital Society

Five foundations will jointly address the challenges and opportunities of the digital age, including committing to help keep the Internet open, secure, accessible and affordable to all Read More

"Cities Get Smarter"

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"They're Tracking When You Turn Off the Lights"

The Wall Street Journal
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Platform Enables Next Generation of Open City Data thumbnail

Platform Enables Next Generation of Open City Data

The platform is designed to help government officials and researchers harness the potential of data released by governments to advance policy, research, and public engagement in cities. Read More

Taking urban data beyond spreadsheets to clear insights and solutions http://t.co/mKM2qnojxr @UrbanCCD

Understanding the Activity of Cities thumbnail

Understanding the Activity of Cities

The Array of Things project seeks to create a bounty of data to better understand the environment, infrastructure, and activity of cities, creating a new public instrument for research, education, and applications that improve the lives ... Read More


Portrait of Julia M. Stasch

Julia M. Stasch

Interim President
Portrait of Craig Howard

Craig Howard

Director of Community and Economic Development
Portrait of Maurice Classen

Maurice Classen

Program Officer
Portrait of Alaina Harkness

Alaina Harkness

Program Officer
Portrait of Mijo Vodopic

Mijo Vodopic

Program Officer
Portrait of Janice A. Dunbar

Janice A. Dunbar

Assistant Manager of Grants and Budget
Portrait of Beth Gutelius

Beth Gutelius

Research Associate
Portrait of Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams

Executive Secretary

Media Contact

Portrait of Meredith Klein

Meredith Klein

Communications Officer, Public Affairs