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"How Civic Hackers Are Helping Local Journalism"

Columbia Journalism Review
Related Grantee: Chicago Community Trust
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Assessment of the New Communities Program

The New Communities Program is a flagship investment in the Foundation’s work to understand the dynamics of cities and neighborhoods as a mechanism for addressing major urban challenges. Read More
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Experts Discuss Violence in Chicago

MacArthur’s Julia Stasch moderates a panel of experts discussing violence in Chicago Read More
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Study Finds Increased Internet Use in Underserved Chicago Areas

Results from a MacArthur-supported study shows increased Internet usage in low and moderate-income communities in Chicago where a concentrated effort was made to educate residents about the internet and how it can improve their quality of ... Read More


Portrait of Valerie Chang

Valerie Chang

Interim Managing Director, U.S. Programs
Portrait of Craig Howard

Craig Howard

Director of Community and Economic Development
Portrait of Maurice Classen

Maurice Classen

Program Officer
Portrait of Alaina Harkness

Alaina Harkness

Program Officer
Portrait of Mijo Vodopic

Mijo Vodopic

Program Officer
Portrait of Janice A. Dunbar

Janice A. Dunbar

Assistant Manager of Grants and Budget
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Beth Gutelius

Research Associate
Portrait of Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams

Executive Secretary