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The Foundation supports prevention of youth violence and the use of information technology to enhance governance, the social sector, and quality of life. MacArthur is exploring new ways to understand the challenges faced by cities around the world, and how to plan, manage, and govern to address them. Read our strategy

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Data Portal Provides Detail on Chicago Employment, Housing thumbnail

Data Portal Provides Detail on Chicago Employment, Housing

A data portal launched by the Woodstock Institute will make available information on foreclosures, mortgage lending, housing, income, and employment for counties, community areas, and municipalities throughout the Chicago area. Read More
Engaging Chicago’s Youth in Civic Innovation thumbnail

Engaging Chicago’s Youth in Civic Innovation

July and August marked the inaugural Civic Innovation Summer, an experimental summer jobs program for teens focused on civics, media, and technology. Read More

"Hackers Called Into Civic Duty"

From The Wall Street Journal Read More

"A Summer of Data Hacking Social Problems"

From The New York Times Blog Read More


Portrait of Valerie Chang

Valerie Chang

Managing Director, U.S. Programs
Portrait of Craig Howard

Craig Howard

Director of Community and Economic Development
Portrait of Maurice Classen

Maurice Classen

Program Officer
Portrait of Alaina Harkness

Alaina Harkness

Program Officer
Portrait of Janice A. Dunbar

Janice A. Dunbar

Assistant Manager of Grants and Budget
Portrait of Beth Gutelius

Beth Gutelius

Research Associate
Portrait of Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams

Executive Secretary

Media Contact

Portrait of Meredith Klein

Meredith Klein

Communications Officer, Public Affairs