The MacArthur Foundation’s grantmaking in Russia supports universities and other institutions engaged in scholarly research and training, and promotes the development of effective human rights protections.

At A Glance

  • MacArthur’s grantmaking began in Russia in 1991; the Foundation opened its Moscow office in 1992. Since then, MacArthur has awarded grants totaling nearly $179 million to institutions and individuals in Russia.
  • The Foundation currently makes two types of grants in Russia: grants for universities and scholarly infrastructure, and for human rights. 
  • MacArthur is committed to carrying out this work in a spirit of deep respect for our Russian colleagues and partners, and trust in the creative energies of the Russian people.
  • MacArthur’s presence in Russia not only provides financial resources for worthy projects and institutions, but also helps demonstrate the possibilities for international cooperation and meaningful partnerships between private and public institutions.

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