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Center for Universal Education

Grants to Center for Universal Education

  • $550,000Active Strategy

    2013 (Duration 2 years)

    Girls' Secondary Education in Developing Countries

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — To institutionalize recommendations in the Global Compact on Learning, with an emphasis on supporting quality secondary education for girls in developing countries (over two years).

  • $430,000Active Strategy

    2011 (Inactive Grant)

    Girls' Secondary Education in Developing Countries

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — A one year grant of $430,000 to the Center for Universal Education at the Brookings Institution will support planning activities to advance the Global Compact on Learning, including designing a governance structure for multi-stakeholder collaboration and a research agenda on post-primary education.

The MacArthur Foundation awarded Center for Universal Education $980,000 between 2003 and 2014.

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