Grantee Profile


Grants to EcoAdapt

  • $450,000Active Strategy

    2014 (Duration 2 years)


    BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, WASHINGTON — EcoAdapt seeks to create a robust future in the face of climate change by bringing together diverse players in the conservation, policy, science, and development communities to reshape planning and management in response to rapid climate change. The grant will support planning activities for the 2015 National Adaptation Forum. The grant will allow EcoAdapt to hire a comprehensive event planner and communications firm to coordinate event planning and envision a longer-term plan for engaging participants and developing subsequent events. This grant aligns with MacArthur's US Climate Adaptation Initiative by building a national network of individuals with improved capacity to help society adapt to climate change.

  • $400,000Active Strategy

    2012 (Duration 2 years)


    BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, WASHINGTON — EcoAdapt builds the field of adaptation by making climate change adaptation capacity and resources more accessible. EcoAdapt, along with partners, will create and implement the first National Adaptation Forum. EcoAdapt will design an agenda that will lead participants through the adaptation process - from problem identification to planning to implementation and evaluation. The purpose is to provide a forum to support and engage practitioners in the development and implementation of adaptation strategies. Fiscal constraints currently limit travel for state, local and tribal employees. This grant will support a percentage of registration and travel costs in order to ensure adequate geographic and sectoral representation and participation.

The MacArthur Foundation awarded EcoAdapt $850,000 between 2002 and 2015.