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Energy Foundation

Grants to Energy Foundation

  • $100,000Active Strategy

    2014 (Duration 1 year)


    SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA — To organize a convening on affordable multifamily housing energy efficiency improvements.

  • $600,000Active Strategy

    2014 (Duration 2 years)


    SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA — To change the public perception in Ohio about clean energy investments.

  • $125,000Active Strategy

    2012 (Inactive Grant)


    SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA — The Energy Foundation promotes a sustainable energy future by advancing energy efficiency and renewable energy. Many foundations now have programs focusing on building retrofits to improve their energy efficiency; several, including the MacArthur Foundation, have formed a coalition to leverage their respective resources and identify potential cooperative action. The Energy Foundation will use this grant for research and dissemination of key information about the challenges and opportunities of bringing energy efficiency to scale across the built environment, and identify ways for the coalition to pursue the growth of the U.S. retrofit market collaboratively and achieve significant energy savings in existing buildings.

  • $11,941,748

    2005 (Inactive Grant)


    SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA — In support of general operations (over three years).

The MacArthur Foundation awarded Energy Foundation $12,766,748 between 2003 and 2014.