Meet the 2004 MacArthur Fellows

  • Angela Belcher

    Materials Scientist

    dissolving the distinctions between organic and inorganic chemistry by coaxing viruses to manufacture microelectronic devices.

  • Gretchen Berland


    combining two professions to highlight for lay audiences and for doctors-in-training how affliction creates physical and social barriers that usually pass unnoticed.

  • James Carpenter

    Glass Technologist fusing art and engineering to capture the imaginative possibilities of light and material in sophisticated architecture of great beauty. More 
  • Joseph DeRisi

    Molecular Biologist

    developing the means to measure thousands of genes simultaneously in an effort to decode the mysteries of cellular function.

  • Katherine Gottlieb

    Alaskan Health Care Leader

    elevating the standards of primary care delivery to address the specific needs of Native Alaskan families.

  • David Green

    Technology Transfer Innovator

    pioneering the manufacture and delivery of health care technologies for the developing world.

  • Aleksandar Hemon


    experimenting with an unusual array of forms, multiple narrative voices, and settings that shift from Sarajevo to Chicago to Kiev to Shanghai.

  • Heather Hurst

    Archaeological Illustrator

    reconstructing vivid and heretofore lost images of the Mayan past from raw field data and ancient artifacts.

  • Edward P. Jones


    composing multi-layered, lushly detailed tales that depict lives lived by African Americans in the twentieth century and in the long shadow of the antebellum South.

  • John Kamm

    Human Rights Strategist

    demonstrating the efficacy of leveraging business relationships as a means to free prisoners of conscience in China.

  • Daphne Koller

    Computer Scientist

    devising new strategies and algorithms for making decisions in complex systems under uncertain conditions, and applying statistical reasoning to classical problems in artificial intelligence.

  • Naomi Leonard


    building multiple, miniature, autonomous underwater vehicles that mimic the behavior of schooling fish.

  • Tommie Lindsey

    High School Debating Coach

    changing the landscape of opportunities within urban schools.

  • Rueben Martínez


    fusing the roles of marketplace and community center to inspire appreciation of literature and preserve Latino literary heritage.

  • Maria Mavroudi

    Historian and Philologist

    tracing previously unrecognized yet extensive intellectual exchanges between two otherwise antagonistic cultures: medieval Byzantium and its Islamic Middle Eastern neighbors.

  • Vamsi Mootha

    Clinical Molecular Biologist

    tapping into the wellspring of new data from molecular biology, genetics, and protein chemistry to identify the cause of, and possible treatment for, metabolic diseases such as diabetes.

  • Judy Pfaff

    Sculptor and Installation Artist

    extending the limits of sculpture by combining two- and three-dimensional elements into large-scale installations noted for their lyricism and cacophonous resonance.

  • Aminah Robinson

    Folk Artist

    celebrating themes of family, ancestry, and the grandeur of simple objects in drawings, paintings, and large-scale, mixed-media assemblages.

  • Reginald R. Robinson

    Ragtime Pianist and Composer

    revitalizing this early twentieth century musical form while taking it in contemporary and unanticipated directions.

  • Cheryl Rogowski


    responding to changing market demands in the best spirit of American entrepreneurship by finding contemporary solutions to the challenges facing family farms in America.

  • Amy Smith

    Inventor and Engineer

    cobbling sophisticated, life-enhancing devices from inexpensive materials for people in areas with little access to technology and even fewer resources to obtain it.

  • Julie Theriot


    unraveling the secrets of bacterial infection by illuminating basic biophysical processes underlying movement of cells and the pathogens that invade them.

  • C. D. Wright


    embracing both lyrical and experimental styles in clear, accessible language rooted in the landscape and people of Arkansas.

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