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Eric Lander

Geneticist and Mathematician

Age: 30

Published July 1, 1987

Eric Lander is a geneticist who draws from the disciplines of molecular biology, mathematics, and computer science to uncover the fundamental principles of genome organization and function.

Lander has been a driving force in developing complete genetic and physical maps of the human and mouse genomes, providing an essential tool for exploring the regulation of individual genes and their interactions.  He extends this research by characterizing the most common sources of genetic variation among individuals.  With these data, Lander has been able to identify heritable factors that predispose people to particular diseases, both rare and common (e.g., adult-onset diabetes and certain cancers).  His research opens new avenues for addressing key questions in cell physiology, evolutionary biology, and molecular medicine.

Lander is a founder and director of the Broad Institute, a research collaboration of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, and the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research.  He is also a director of the Whitehead/MIT Center for Genome Research, a member of the Whitehead Institute, and a professor of biology at MIT.  Originally trained in mathematics, Lander has also applied his expertise to managerial economics, and previously served as an associate professor at the Harvard Business School (1981-1990).

Lander received an A.B. (1978) from Princeton University and a D.Phil. (1981) from the University of Oxford.

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