Program Directors Reflect on Learnings and Paths Forward
January 9, 2020 | Perspectives

Annually, all of our program Directors reflect on the state of their fields, lessons learned in their work, and new horizons for their programs. Read about each of their perspectives below.



Chicago Commitment
Looking at the Forest ›
Tara Magner




Climate Solutions
Cooperating with China Is Critical ›
Jorgen Thomsen




Criminal Justice
Forging a New Path on Racial Equity in Local Justice Systems ›
Laurie Garduque




Impact Investments
Making an Impact at the Enterprise Level ›
Debra Schwartz




Journalism & Media
Challenging the ‘Master Narrative’ ›
Kathy Im




MacArthur Fellows
Supporting Creative Collaborations ›
Marlies Carruth




Nuclear Challenges
Creative Solutions to Nuclear Challenges ›
Emma Belcher




On Nigeria
Taking Stock of Efforts to Ensure Accountability and Transparency in Nigeria ›
Kole Shettima & Erin Sines

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