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International Centre for Investigative Reporting

Abuja, Nigeria

International Centre for Investigative Reporting was awarded $790,000 between 2016 and 2019, including 2 grants in On Nigeria.


2019 • 2 years • On Nigeria

Founded in 2010, The International Centre for Investigative Reporting (ICIR) is an independent, nonprofit investigative news organization that seeks to promote transparency and accountability through robust and objective investigative reporting. The ICIR's mission is to promote good governance and entrench democratic values by reporting, exposing, and combating corruption. This award enables ICIR to deepen its work on investigative reporting through data and infographics, budget and procurement tracking and monitoring, and hands-on practical sessions. It also allows ICIR to produce and disseminate 80 investigative reports over a period of two years. Further, the organization's work with On Nigeria grantees to amplify its reports on various platforms continues under this award. Additional activities include the convening of four high-level townhall meetings in collaboration with other grantees across the country. Key stakeholders, including government officials and anti-corruption agency representatives, are expected to attend the town hall meetings to interact with, and answer questions from the public. This award deepens the understanding and reporting of public procurement processes and corrupt practices to promote accountability.


2016 • 3 years • On Nigeria

Located in Abuja, Nigeria, the International Centre for Investigative Reporting is a nonprofit media organization dedicated to employing robust, investigative journalism to promote accountability, transparency, and good governance. With this award, the Centre is strengthening the capacity of journalists to investigate and report on budgetary and procurement processes in the country.  The Centre is collaborating with the Public Private Development Centre, an On Nigeria grantee, to train and mentor 30 journalists on  investigative journalism techniques, data use, and budget and procurement tracking and monitoring. The organization is also providing funding for journalists to conduct in-depth field investigations. The project contributes to expanding the network of investigative journalists and promoting the culture of investigative work in Nigeria's media. The Centre is coordinating with other Foundation grantees to implement the project. 

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