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Working Films

Wilmington, North Carolina

Working Films was awarded $1,200,000 between 2010 and 2017, including 2 grants in Journalism & Media.


2017 • 3 years • Journalism & Media

Working Films, founded in 2000, was one of the first organizations to design and implement distribution campaigns for documentary films in collaboration with advocates and nonprofits that work full time on the issue a film explores. Since then, it has partnered with dozens of grassroots and advocacy organizations on campaigns that leverage nonfiction multimedia in support of raising public awareness on issues such as climate change, energy extraction and economic inequality. MacArthur funds support Working Films to work in more states, to fund short films about social issues from filmmakers who represent the communities most affected by an issue, and to provide early stage strategic planning support to social issue documentary filmmakers, with a special focus on filmmakers of color. The outcome is a framework through which documentary films can support coalition building and foster greater understanding on a multitude of issues in a variety of U.S. states, including rural areas.


2010 • 4 years • Journalism & Media

In support of a project on the use and impact of documentary films to educate the public and contribute to civic engagement in public policy issues.

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