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Next City

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Next City was awarded $350,000 between 2013 and 2015, including 2 grants in Community & Economic Development and What We're Exploring: Cities, Information, and Governance.


2015 • 1 year • What We're Exploring: Cities, Information, and Governance

Next City is a national urban affairs magazine and non-profit organization that works to promote socially, economically and environmentally sustainable practices in urban areas. Next City is producing and disseminating journalistic coverage of activities leading up to the Habitat III international urban development conference in October 2016. It is also organizing four major events on critical issues in cities, and designing and programming the Americas Pavilion that will provide a center for international dialogue at the Habitat III conference. The project should build audience for and increase awareness of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the New Urban Agenda being developed by UN-Habitat, and best practices to address urban challenges in cities around the world.


2013 • 2 years, 5 months • Community & Economic Development

Next City is a non-profit media organization that seeks to connect city leaders and inform the people who work to improve them. Next City will use this grant to produce a weekly column that investigates "urban science" as a concept and field of research, and covers the multiple ways that scientific perspectives reveal new ways of understanding cities and informing the policies and planning practices that shape them. It also will establish an advisory committee to inform the project, and engage in online and in-person outreach to ensure that the ideas in the column reach a wide audience.

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