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Mujeres Aliadas

Erongarícuaro, Mexico

Mujeres Aliadas was awarded $390,000 between 2012 and 2017, including 3 grants in Population & Reproductive Health.


2017 • 1 year, 3 months • Population & Reproductive Health

Mujeres Aliadas is a women’s health organization in the state of Michoacan that promotes reproductive health care and is one of Mexico’s leading advocates for professional midwifery. The group advances midwifery through activities with local communities, health providers and managers, state universities, and state and national civil society partners. Mujeres Aliadas provides training and raises awareness about the midwifery model of care among state public health and education systems and women and families from communities in the Lake Patzcuaro region. It will share this work beyond the state by collaborating with national networks and other agencies working on promoting midwifery in Mexico. The award supports Mujeres Aliadas to enroll the first group of students in its school, which received government accreditation in early 2017.


2015 • 2 years, 3 months • Population & Reproductive Health

Mujeres Aliadas is a Michoacan-based women's health organization that promotes reproductive health care and professional midwifery. The project is working toward a stronger professional midwifery movement in Michoacan and nationally through collaborating with civil society partners, advocates, universities, and government institutions and providing information and expertise in these circles. Staff and locally trained midwives and nurses participate in community outreach activities in conjunction with a government health program, provide input and training for health institutions, and negotiate with local government to open new formal training tracks that allow midwifery students to receive a license and practice in public health facilities.


2012 • 3 years • Population & Reproductive Health

With a two-year grant of $120,000 Mujeres Aliadas will promote professional midwifery in addressing maternal mortality in Mexico by (a) supporting the Mujeres Aliadas midwifery school model in which professional nurses are trained with midwifery skills, and (b) carrying out a promotional campaign aimed at greater visibility and acceptance for this cadre of health personnel.

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