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BudgIT Foundation

Sabo, Yaba, Nigeria

BudgIT Foundation was awarded $550,000 between 2018 and 2019, including 2 grants in On Nigeria.


2019 • 2 years • On Nigeria

Established in 2011, BudgIT is a Nigerian nonprofit promoting transparency and accountability in budget and public resources through infographics, data analysis, and presentations. BudgIT uses this award to provide data analysis and visualization of education budget allocations and expenditures to educate, empower, and mobilize community members to engage education officials and agencies and demand accountability. BudgIT is analyzing and producing detailed breakdowns and infographics of education budget allocations and spending, project types, and their locations. It is working with media to disseminate the analyses and convene community meetings with education officials to increase accountability. BudgIT is training and supporting community associations and influencers to track education projects. Finally, BudgIT is providing technical assistance to the federal and state governments to increase budget transparency and bolster collaboration with communities. 

This renewal is part of a larger package of complementary awards that is expected to increase transparency in education finances in select states, strengthen local accountability practices, and contribute to a reduction in corruption.


2018 • 2 months • On Nigeria

Established in 2011, BudgIT Foundation is a civic organization that uses technology to intersect citizen engagement with institutional improvement to facilitate societal change. The award is to strengthen accountability in Nigeria. It supports the participation of at least 50 experts and practitioners from Nigeria and elsewhere to examine new media tools as opportunity to demand accountability and advocate for security and socio-economic development towards the forthcoming 2019 elections. 


The BudgIT-led conference explores innovative avenues to leverage new media tools towards a progressive democratic society and an electoral system devoid of corrupt practices. The expected outcome is an improved understanding of how new media can be used to advance governance and accountability.

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