MacArthur Fellows Program

Robert H. McCabe

Educator | Class of 1992

Miami, Florida
63 at time of award
December 23, 2014
Area of Focus
Education and Training
Published July 1, 1992

About Robert's Work

Robert McCabe is an educator who, as president of Miami-Dade Community College, spearheaded educational reform in community colleges of the United States and Canada.

McCabe fostered the design and testing of new educational methods and programs at Miami-Dade.  The college’s widely replicated programs include innovative scholarships, career-preparation paths keyed directly to the local work force, and education for immigrant groups.  During McCabe’s tenure, more students graduated with an Associate of Arts degree than from any other community college in the U.S.  In 1986, McCabe introduced the Teaching/Learning Project, which established a connection between teaching standards and student performance; it has led to better guidelines for faculty advancement, and an Endowed Teaching Chair Program that bases its selection on excellence in teaching, rather than on publication and research.


McCabe is a Senior Fellow at the League for Innovation in the Community College, directing the Reinvest in America’s Community Colleges Project, and was the president of Miami-Dade Community College from 1980-95.

McCabe received a B.Ed. (1952) from the University of Miami at Coral Gables, an M.A. (1959) from Appalachian State College, Boone, North Carolina, and a Ph.D. (1963) from the University of Texas, Austin.

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